1– Therapy for individuals, couples, and families:

Individual therapy: Our goal is to provide a safe and accepting place to meet one-on-one with the therapist. Our aim is to facilitate and encourage our clients to reach their personal goals.

Couple and Family therapy: Our goal is to help and support clients develop healthy relational patterns. Clients are invited to embrace meaningful and sustainable changes in their lives. These new habits and routines are developed for the purpose of improving their communication patterns and quality of life.

2– Group Counselling:

Group counselling is a form of counselling where one or more therapists gather with a number of clients at the same time. Usually, groups meet for a shared goal. Clients might come from different backgrounds and life experience. For Group Counselling Groups, go to the Events page.

3– Events:

Workshops and other forms of educational forums are offered for different topics. For more information, go the Events page or click HERE



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Due to COVID-19:
Phone and Video Conferencing Only


All payments are arranged directly with the therapist. A receipt will be provided for your insurance claim.

If needed, please discuss with the therapist about an adjusted fee if there are any financial challenges.